Customer Care

At Grenville Station, we believe it should be more than just the thought that counts.

It is easy for a gift to convey the wrong message if not selected properly.

An expensive gift basket may be required in one relationship (business or personal) while that same gift may create a wedge in another. The recipient may feel obligated to reply or send something in return.

Negative feelings are the last thing you would want when sending someone a gift. For this reason and more, price should never be the determining factor when choosing a gift. That is why offers 100+ gifts in many categories/themes ensuring that the best gift for your recipient is available when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We have been accepting credit cards online since Aug 22, 2001. We have charged thousands of credit cards and have never had a chargeback on a credit card due to fraudulent misuse. To put it in context:

Internet Transaction at Grenville Station Inc.: high level security encryption technologies implement by knowledgeable staff. Not only is the credit card number, expiry date and 3/4 digit CVC2/CID security code required, the full credit card billing address is also required to successfully process the credit card. We also have other security features in place such as IP address checks that confirm if the customer is physically located in the country they are ordering from. This alone does not block a transaction due to many individuals traveling abroad but is used in combination with other security measures.

Restaurant or Gas Station Transaction: hand your credit card to a clerk or waiter who possibly makes minimum wage and disappars with the card for a few minutes. Two things that are meant to maintain 'high level security' for your card are no longer possible: your signature can be photocopied and the 3/4 digit CVC2/CID security code on the back of you card can be written down and saved with your card number and expiry date.

We're not implying that you should worry every time you eat out or buy gas - we use our credit cards for these types of transactions every week. We're only saying that when using your credit card, the 'medium' for purchasing (online or offline) isn't as important as the company that you are purchasing from.

Verified by Visa is a global Visa program designed to help make shopping online more secure for both consumers and merchants. A Verified by Visa personal password you choose provides an extra level of protection against unauthorized use of your VISA card when you shop at participating online merchants. By signing up for Verified by Visa, and shopping at Verified by Visa enabled merchants, your VISA card can only be used by you to make online purchases.

Simply enter your card information at the online merchant's checkout as you normally would. Your VISA Card Issuer will then ask for your personal Verified by Visa password. Once your password has been confirmed by your VISA Card Issuer, your transaction will go forward for completion.

Over time, more and more online stores will be participating in Verified by Visa. Grenville Station is required to use VbV by its credit card processing company (InternetSecure). Other companies choose not to use this extra layer of security. Our primary concern is providing real security to protect your transaction and also provide peace of mind so that you know Grenville Station is always a great choice for all of your gifting needs!

Yes. You may customize any gift by adding a balloon or plush toy to it buy choosing them separately from the shopping cart. You may also contact us to request that one or two items in the original design be substituted for a different product (i.e. no nuts). Any changes beyond this are considered to be a Custom Design.

All individual Custom Design baskets start at $75.00. If you wish to order more than one Custom Design basket of the same design please contact us for pricing as multiple orders of the same Custom Design may be available at lower price points.

All shipped baskets are wrapped with bubble wrap and packed into boxes cushioned with heavy kraft paper. Extra cardboard inserts are used as necessary to provide extra protection. All Canadian shipments are then tendered to Federal Express for delivery within Canada or to our courier for hand delivery (in our hand delivery areas). Hand delivery gifts are secured in a open box without bubble wrap because it is delivered by hand by the courier.

All shipments are fully insured at no additional expense to the purchaser.

We currently offer shipping within Canada only. Remote and/or rural destinations may require more than one carrier. We can only ship to destinations served by Federal Express and Canada Post.

We request recipient phone numbers in case the courier can not locate the recipient. If an address is incomplete or incorrect the carrier may need to contact the recipient to request address verification. If the courier gets lost he or she may need to contact the recipient for directions. Grenville Station will not use any address or telephone information provided to solicit recipients.

Grenville Station Inc. is not licensed to sell or ship alcohol. We are unable to purchase alcohol on a client?s behalf and we are unable to ship alcohol through any of our shippers/couriers. There are no gift basket companies licensed to ship alcohol in Ontario or from Ontario. If a company claims they have a 'liquor license', that does not permit them to ship alcohol. FedEx and all shipping carriers do not ship alcohol within Ontario.

Tax is charged based on the location of the recipient. GST (Goods and Services Tax) is charged to all orders since we only ship in Canada. PST (Provincial Sales Tax) is charged when the gift is being sent to an Ontario address.

Ontario Recipients: Gift is charged with PST and GST.
Recipients of any other Province: Gift is charged with GST or HST only.

Our office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm - Eastern Standard Time - Monday to Friday.