Corporate Floral Services
Thank you for taking the time to look at our selections. We love what we do here at Grenville Station. Our flower selection is always changing and so does our look. Our design team works with every client to produce unique, personalized arrangements that will bring a refined elegant look to your office or event. Call for your free consultation.
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It is always lovely to see flowers at any corporate event, function or office. It suggests that someone has taken the time to create a feeling of warmth. In environments where good design can make all the difference corporations, restaurants, hotels, wine bars, retail, reception and many others the right floral arrangement is the perfect added touch. The simple accent of colour and design that reflects your company image can make all the difference to your client‘s perception of your business.Sensitive to image, branding and message at Grenville Station we work closely with you to provide unique and stunning displays; thereby enhancing the impression of your company while creating a welcoming ambience that benefits the working environment. A number of elements come into play when designing corporate floral arrangements for interior spaces or events. The architecture of the space, the surrounding colour, decor and lighting are all elements to be considered when choosing the floral arrangement best suited to your space and your corporate identity.You will find our design services suitable for:
  • Reception Areas & Lobby
  • Restaurant & Hotel Arrangements
  • Film Productions
  • Business Space Decor
  • Model Suite Display
  • Events
  • Holiday Decor
Corporate Services:
  • On-Site Consultation
  • Standing Orders
  • Living Plant Services
  • Holiday Decor
  • Customized Gifts & Gift Baskets
  • Client Appreciation
  • Employee Recognition
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