What Our Customers Are Saying...

R. Yasenka
"Thanks very much for your help with the Christmas basket and getting it there on time. I appreciate your making the extra effort. We will definitely keep you in mind for any gifts throughout the course of the year! "
Atlanta, Georgia
Amanda Costa
"I have been so blown away with the whole Grenville Station experience!! It makes gift giving easier and more creative! I have also been amazed with your customer service and the speed of replies and friendly attitude that always accompany your emails. I have sent a few baskets and all the recipients are thrilled. I sent one to my husband at work for Valentine's Day, and he said that all day at work everyone kept coming around his toolbox (he's a mechanic!) to gawk at his basket. I sent another to my mom for Mother's Day, and she said that it was such a nice surprise to get such a treat sent right to her door. She felt like Queen for the day. I will continue to purchase your gift baskets for friends and family, and I will also keep referring your site to everyone I talk to. Keep up the good work and thank you for being such a wonderful place to do business with!"
Phelpston, Ontario
Terri D.
"The site was easy to navigate and the products described well. I have ordered from here before and the recipients of the baskets really enjoyed them!"
Voorhees, NJ
Judith Irving
"no problems encountered moving through your site--and the product is wonderful!"
Belleville, Ontario
"Great to find a place to ship things to my family in Canada. Thanks!"
Clearlake Oaks, Ca
Sibbelina Mullis
"Great gifts. Great Customer Service, and great products. Thanks for making gift-giving so easy."
Barrington, Illinois
Erica Kaiser Attoe
"Extremely good site-particularily in comparison with your competition online!"
Columbus, OH
Patricia Pastushok
"A pleasure to use this site, easy to place order and accomplished quickly."
Charlotte, NC
Sherri Johnson
"I found your site very useful and helpful. You made mothers day much easier for someone like myself who lives some distance from both my mother and mother-in-law. They are special to me and I was pleased to find something special for them besides the tried and true card. Thanks."
Edmonton, AB
Elizabeth Rowland
"Your site is easy to use and your selection of gift baskets for men is better than usual!"
Deidre Wetelainen
"I recently moved from Toronto and have difficulties making online orders for birthdays etc., with canadian addresses..I have used your services 3 times now and have always found a fitting choice for newphews, sisters,, parents. Thanks so much!"
Washington, DC
"Great website, great products and great prices! Thanks for an enjoyable stress-free shopping experience."
Valli del Pasubio, Italy
Janet Metcalf
"Thank you for your quick service. I really appreciate it! That is why I have used Grenville Station in the past and will continue to in the future." [2nd email] "Thanks again for your great service. The basket for Mike was received yesterday and it was gorgeous. I'm sure it will give he and his wife comfort as they deal with their loss. "
Midland, Ontario
Kulvinder Singh
"I have ordered from Greenville a few times and everything has been to fullest satisfaction, Thanks!"
Stockholm, Sweden
Dorothy Brooks
"I've always had good service with your company and sending to my grandkids in Verdun is VERY important to me."
Garland, TX
Lisa Turner
"I love ordering from your site. It is easy and convenient and I know it will be delivered on time with quality products. If anyone needs to have a fantastic basket sent to Canada I couldn't recommend a better place to shop!! Thank you so much!"
Dothan, Alabama
Darlene Blanchard
"Great Website!! I was looking for something different to sent my Aunt in Quebec, your site had the nicest looking baskets by far!!!"
Charlton Mass.
Darryl C.
"I am becoming a Grenville addict! Living overseas, online shopping is the easiest way for me to send that special something, and you guys always seem to have the right thing. Thanks for providing such a wondeful selection of gift options."
Taipei, Taiwan
"Nice products. Better than a lot of other sites. wanted a qualitiy gift that i would buy in store, and found it here."
Toronto, Ontario
"The site was very easy to navigate and nice and usable. Great job. Also looking forward to hearing how much me Scottish mum will like her Tea gift basket :D"
Palo Alto
Jennifer Norton
"I often order gift baskets for my family while I am working abroad and am extremely happy with everything you have helped me with!!"
Devonshire, Bermuda
"great service as always, will be back"
donaghadee, uk
Kristine Bell
"Very easy to navigate and find what i was looking for."
Nanaimo, BC
Maria Cameron
"I wanted to thank-you ahead of time. I have been utilizing your site to order baskets not only for our business needs but for personal use as well. This is a great web site, very user friendly and have been satisfied with the results to date. [2nd email] You have made my job easier day to day as I order baskets bi-weekly and your tracking updates and customer service have been exceeding my expectations."
Toronto, Ontario
Trina Rogers
"Selecting a basket and ordering was very easy - wonderful pictures, excellent description of products. Thank you."
Toronto, ON
A. O'Brien
"Great website, lots to choose from! Ordering online was simple and easy! I will definitely use again."
Nashville, TN
Carol Jasman
"Very easy and clear to use and fun too!!"
Brooks, AB
Mikael Shields
"Invested time with Amazon only to find they didn't deliver to Canada... Loved your site, the product choice was better and the purchase easy and smooth. Thank you."
London, UK
Susan Galt
"Will let you know about the service but your website is excellent - very easy to use - all products clearly shown. Thank you!"
Bloomfield, Ontario
"Very user-friendly website. It made purchasing a gift from overseas a pleasure. Thanks"
Wellington, New Zealand
Lauren Musson
"This is my second time ordering from Grenville Station. I was completely delighted with the quality of the product the first time, and often direct people to your website with my highest recommendations."
Whitby, Ontario
Stephanie P
"The service was great. The site was easy to navigate and the details given about the gift baskets were wonderful. I enjoyed chosing my gift from this website."
Toronto Ontario Canada
Jeff Hussey
"Website was laid out nicely. easy to navigate and pictures and descriptions were very helpful. Thank you for your services."
Oakville, ON
P. Jameson
"Have always had a good experience with Grenville Station baskets. They have always done an excellent job in both presentation and delivery."
Burlington, ON
Vicky Ma
"Thanks for having such a variety of baskets for men. Hard to find good men-baskets on-line!"
Burnaby, British Columbia
"I was able to order with ease! Thank you."
Silver Spring MD USA
"Web site brill and so easy to use have ordered from you before, service was great and recipient really pleased. Its a great relief for me to know anytime its a family members birthday or a special occasion all I have to do is log onto your website especially since I live so far away. You have a fantastic range of products and price range, something to suit everyone, many thanks"
Northern Ireland
Nicole Dunn
"This site is really easy to use. I'll definitely be using this service to send gift baskets in the future."
Mississauga, ON
Penny B
"LOVE this site, LOVE this service! Discovered it at Christmas and I'll be using it for everything now."
Surrey BC
Rosalba Tenuta-Murray
"Site is excellent, clear and easy to use. Having photos of choices of items is also great, and your products appear to be put together very beautifully."
Pincourt, Quebec
Geraldine Grove
"An excellent site. Found you via google. I was fed up of sending boring flowers through interflora and having a number of relatives in Toronto I have book marked your site. I also have a son coming to live for a year, so Mum will be able to send him a nice little gift every now and then. Thanks for making my life easier."
Victoria, Australia
"Great Products! Wonderful Presentation and an easy Payment Process!!"
Lucy P.
"Easy to navigate, easy to find shipping info. Felt like secure transaction."
Edmonton, AB
Abigail Burge
"Your site works well for placing e- orders! I'll have to make my selections earlier next year - you're sold out of a lot of items!!"
Port Carling, Ontario Canada
Notoya Cain
"Your site was excellent!! It was easy to use and you had a great selection. All the best for the holiday season!!"
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Nicky Scully
"Very simple to use - excellent site."
London, United Kingdom
James Simpson
"Very User Friendly!"
Danville, CA
Tricia L.
"Great site! Saved my Mom's life."
Trenton, ON
Robert Forest
"Have used you before. Easy website, effortless and great service. Thanks!"
Seattle, WA
Liz R.
"Thank you for your reply. I am impressed to actually hear from someone so promptly. That speaks volumes for your customer service."
Littleton, CO
E. Scoburgh
"I thought the site was extremely easy to use. Its very hard to find sites that will deliver to Canada but take a credit card from the UK - this site is ideal for gifts to send someone who lives overseas!"
Edinburgh UK
Sheila Drysdale
"A very well-organized website, easy to navigate, and great products! Thank you!"
Coquitlam, BC
May Trotter
"I have used this site several times and the baskets are great and the service efficient. Thank you"
Glasgow, UK
"The experience on line was fantastic! What a great service...some organic items would be great if not already offered."
Niagara Falls Ontario
Paul V.
"Great layout and smooth sailing. Thanks!"
Hay River, NT
Michelle J.
"Excellent site! We will definately be back. It was so easy to navigate through, the gift baskets are amazing and shipping is quick. What a great shopping experience. Thanks very much!"
Valleyview, AB
Nancy Risdon
"I just wanted to thank you for all the small appreciation gifts you have sent ME! I have always been impressed with your service, especially being so far from home right now and missing all of these occasions. At least I can be a part of them with the gifts I send through you. Thank you."
Okotoks, Alberta
Bob Harris
"Very good site to navigate and great purchasing flow."
London, UK
Moira Scott
"Top notch service and a well designed website. I highly recommend Grenville Station for gift giving!"
North York Ontario
Michelle Graham
"Very easy to choose a gift and pay. User friendly website. THANK YOU!!"
Chattanooga, TN
Nuria Defoe
"Thank you for a great experience.  I have ordered many gift baskets from various places in the past and have always had problems and big hassles with my orders....this was my first great experience and I thank you.  I saw the beautiful basket my mom received and was very happy to see it was exactly what I ordered and with great service too!  Thanks again....I will most definitely be keeping you in mind for all my future gift basket orders."
Mississauga, ON
Ho Lian Jinan
"I am really impressed by the professionalism in which things are been handled. The receipient is happy too. She finally got the package at her office. I am glad I made the right choice for I was searching quite extensively when I made the purchase. Thanks once again. Best regards!"
Lisa Kostopoulos
"I just spoke to the recipient yesterday and she raved about the beautiful gift basket for their new baby twins! Thanks!"
Mississauga, ON
Elizabeth Gemeiner
"Excellent site. Love the variety and the prices."
Toronto, ON
Kelly McLawrence
"breath of fresh air to finally find someone who can provide me with nice gifts for all occasions. my family live far away, im in ireland, theyre in canada, postal service is terrible ! i think its important to remember special occasions and its always nice to receive a nice gift. web site was very easy to use and if sevice is as efficient as it was to place the order i will def use ur services again."
Ireland, UK
Maurissa Morgan
"Your website was very easy to navigate; no problems whatsoever."
Calgary, AB
Tania Antenucci
"The basket was absolutely gorgeous (and so was the balloon!) I actually saw it after it was delivered - beautiful! No problems with delivery either. Great job! Looking forward to seeing other great stuff!"
Bolton, ON
Judith Irving
"I had no problem navigating your site. It was very easy. The products look super!"
Belleville, Ontario
Karen Johnston-Hutchins
"It arrived right on time and he thought it was great...so I'm happy!! :)"
Bedford, Nova Scotia
Sandra Wheeler
"My grandson was thrilled with his Halloween basket. Thanks for being such a good resource for a grandmother in the USA"
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Darlene Forget
"Site was easy to navigate. Liked the selection of products and ability to choose shipping methods."
Airdrie Alberta
Lauren Musson
"Very pleasant and straightforward. An easy site to use. Thank you!"
Tamalah Ettinger
"Love the site, easy to navigate, and I look forward to sending many a basket to friends and family from Grenville Station. Thanks!!!!!!!"
Nova Scotia
Penneth McArdle
"I have enjoyed the experience. I find it user friendly and that is why I have used a number of times."
East Lawrencetown, NS
Barb Paquette
"I used your company last year for my daughters baskets and they loved them! I hope they are great baskets again this year."
Dubai, UAE
Dave Barnes
"It went over great.  I've actually ordered three from you so far and there were no issues with any of them. Jen said this in regards to the basket: 'I loved it! When I originally received it, I thought that there wasn't a lot in it that I would like, but it was all good! And the stuffed toy and candle are a nice touch because even after the food was gone, I have a lasting memory!' I'll be sure to check back to see what other baskets you put together. Thanks, Dave"
Toronto, ON
Eve Seliger
"I wanted to let you know that the gift was delivered today and my niece and nephew were very thrilled with it. They said the gift items are beautiful. Their daughter was born prematurely and they have had a tough week; This was the first baby gift and they were very excited to receive it. Thank you."
Hollywood, Florida
Patricia MacMillan
"To the Grenville Station crew: Thank you! As usual ( I have ordered many baskets from your company) the gift basket was on time, stocked exactly as the picture showed on the Internet (not always the case with other companies) and arrived in good shape. My mom was very pleased with the gift :)"
Flowery Branch, GA
Barbara Christopher
"Very easy purchase and you had just what I wanted!"
Chicago Heights, Illinois
Mariana Sladojevic-Sola 
"My mom did receive the basket and she loved it!! She said it was very nicely prepared and she loved all of the goodies inside.  We were very satisfied!! Thank-you!"
Mississauga, Ontario
Barbara Self
"Marjorie Ashford's gift basket was delivered on time and in good condition.  She said that it was carefully and attractively packed, and that she was able to use and enjoy everything it contained.  (She has allergies, so choosing scented items is always a bit dodgy -- we gambled that these would be OK, and they clearly were.)  We feel we have received good service from Grenville Station, and we expect to use your services again."
Sutton, Ely, United Kingdom
Ron and Erica
"My Mother loved the gift and thank you for the follow up card you sent. It is nice to know that I can access a gift service from here in Australia as the mail and customs services are slow and difficult. I now try to access internet sites in Canada to send gifts to family and friends there."
Burpengary, Queensland AU
Deanna Schuerbeke
"Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how IMPRESSED I am by your superior customer service!!!  I have never seen this kind of follow through.  My Mom LOVED her basket and I will be ordering from your company again!  I also plan on letting all my fellow Canadians who are down here in the US with me about your wonderful company."
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Sibbelina Mullis
"She loved it! and so did my Dad!, and so did our daughter! Your baskets all arrived in excellent condition, on time, and very nicely packed with all sorts of 'goodies'. You guys are in my 'favorites' list."
Barrington, IL
Sherri Johnson
"Both Isabelle and Velda wondered who was sending them a parcel from London Ontario (ha ha). They were both very excited with their parcels, as there was quite a lot of variety in them. Thank you for making my mother's day shopping so easy. I will definitely keep you in mind in the future. Note: My dad (Charlie) was so intrigued with my mom's basket (Isabelle) that I sent him one of his own for Father's day. When I was home recently, he had the truck (the basket part) proudly on display. My mom says it was quite a hit."
Edmonton, AB
Karen Turner
"The baskets were a hit with our Mothers. The Margarita Ville and Golf themes were perfect for each of them. I have always had a fantastic response to any gift I have sent from Grenville Station. It makes special occasions much easier being in BC with my family in Ontario. Thanks!"
Langley, British Columbia
Nuria Defoe
"Thank you for a great experience.  I have ordered many gift baskets from various places in the past and have always had problems and big hassles with my orders....this was my first great experience and I thank you.  I saw the beautiful basket my mom received and was very happy to see it was exactly what I ordered and with great service too!  Thanks again....I will most definitely be keeping you in mind for all my future gift basket orders."
Mississauga, ON
Joan Watson
"Thank you for your interest. Yes Matt and Tina received their basket, and she truly loves the products, there were no problems with the basket or delivery. Everything went very well and I wil be using your service when the need arises. Thank you"
Kingsville, Ontario
TheRa TheoDora
"I was and am happy for your service of making and delivering my order on time. And Olivia has received the package too and very happy about it. She said to me that the package is huge and also I ask her to send me the picture of it. I was pleased to see it and it was much better that I expected. So, once again thank you for that."
Sydney, Australia
Angie Caia
"Great site/service. Fast, easy to complete on-line order and love the confirmation of payment receipt and goods receipt."
Markham, Ontario
Nadia Ferrier
"Our client absolutely loved the basket!   He said the box was so big, they nearly had to take down his front door! Thanks again, and we will use your services again!"
Toronto, Ontario
Jonathan DesRoches
"They absolutly LOVED the basket and I will not hesitate to use your services again in the near future. Carpe Diem"
Fredericton, NB
Walid Hmeidani
"Mona and Khodr loved the gift basket, they called to thank me and mentioned that they loved the collection. But I did not see it personally. My experience was v. good, from buying online, following the shipment online and knowing that it was received well. I would would definitely buy from you again, and recommend you to friends."
Windsor, ON
Deena Tameanko and Len
"Just a short note to tell you how impressed we are with your company and for the reliable, and efficient way you handled our account. We were thrilled to receive our beautiful and well decorated basket for our party. Thank you again for the wonderful service, it even came to our door on time."
Toronto, Ontario
Melanie Richter
"Thank you for the follow up.  Yes, both gifts were very well received.  The first thing that both mom's remarked were how adorable the hats were and that the baskets are now decorating the babies' rooms.  I have my gift basket (received this past July) in my baby's room as well and loved everything in it...especially the "hot mama" hot chocolate, it was a nice touch to get a little something just for me.  I personally wouldn't bother with the cookies though, unfortunately they are much too rich and sweet."
Beaconsfield, Quebec
Ho Lian Jinan
"I am really impressed by the professionalism in which things are been handled. The receipient is happy too. She finally got the package at her office. I am glad I made the right choice for I was searching quite extensively when I made the purchase. Thanks once again."
Anthony and Karen Hannem
"My sister-in-law loved the basket we sent for her baby, Jack. She really liked all of the items that were included in the basket. For me, given the number and quality of the items the price was great."
Bolton, ON
Maurissa Morgan
"The basket was delivered in a very timely fashion and Anne loved it! There were no issues whatsoever."
Calgary, Alberta
Johanna Hibbs
"Everything was perfect!!! My boyfriend received the package at work like anticipated and it was beautiful! It really made his day and mine, knowing that I could still be, in some way, a physical presence to him even though we live in two different countries. Thank you for coming through and I will definitely use your site again for any future baskets."
Marlton, New Jersey
Rosann Greenspan
"I heard it was 'a great basket this year' from Eloise's mom. Eloise is 5. Her birthday is on Halloween, Oct. 31st, and I live 3000 miles away so this is my way of being there on the years that I can't make it back for her birthday (I'm her greataunt). I understand it was actually delivered on Oct. 31st, which was my preference anyway. So, thank you for this service. It's become a new tradition in our family."
Berkeley, CA
Lia Field
"Very User Friendly Site!"
Barrie, Ontario
Margo MacKay
"They were delighted with the gift. It was to a client so he was not gushing but said he loved the frog theme and smiled. I think that is the most I can expect from a client!! Well done!"
Toronto ON
Sibbelina Mullis
"I just wanted you to know that it's real pleasure doing business with Grenville Station. Your customer service is fantastic!!! Your baskets are of great quality, and I always hear very positive comments from my recipients. Thanks - it's really good to know where my order stands and that it will get to the person intended."
Barrington, IL
Sandra Mendes
"Yes, the basket was received and I was told that it was very nice. Overall, I can say that I'm very satisfied with Grenville Station - the products, website and customer service were all outstanding. Thanks for making it easy and for doing a great job!"
Valli del Pasubio, Italy
Jody Souka-Marleau
"The gift basket was awesome!  It arrived in Victoria (At the Victoria General Hospital) in a well packaged box and created a lot of interest.  The basket arrived on a difficult health day for my  mother  (I actually ended up flying from Cornwall, Ont. to Victoria the day after I placed the order) so it was very much appreciated.  I was actually at the hospital when it arrived!  I will definitely recommend your service to friends and family.  I will also use it again when I need a unique gift!  The service and communication was very personal and friendly!  I?ve enjoyed your enthusiasm and follow up."
Cornwall, ON
Patricia MacMillan
"You always deliver the goods and from what I hear the baskets are fabulous.  It is a pleasure doing business with your guys.  Thank you"
Flowery Branch, GA
Tami Ellis
"The basket was recieved and my friend was very impressed. She inquired about the company. She said the individual coffees were so nice - a real treat every morning (actually, she thanked me about 3 times so I think she was really enjoying the basket). Thanks once again for a wonderful gift basket! Grenville Station makes it very easy to impress my friends and family!"
Vancouver, British Columbia
Lori MacKay
"Quick and efficient!!"
Toronto, Ontario
Amy Richardson-Rowe
"Fantastic Site, great selection, totally removes the headache of finding my cousin a gift and worrying about postage cost from UK. Many Thanks, will be recommending to rest of UK family."
Norwich, United Kingdom
L. Benedik
"The site was very easy to navigate and the transaction was simple to complete. I hope the gift arrives quickly and is as cute as it looks on the site."
Montreal, Quebec
Vivian Devletian Ibishian
"Your selection and site are wonderful! It was very easy to order the basket!"
Richmond Hill, Ontario
T. Dupuis
"Ordering from your site could not be easier. I found your range of hampers excellent and very well priced."
Sydney, Australia
Kylie Graham
"Site was easy and fabulous gift ideas!"
Queensland, Australia
Cecilia McGinnis
"Great!" [Editor's Note: Sometimes, less is more!]
Lakeland, Florida
"A great site full of beautiful gift baskets--we found the perfect one for our dear friends. And the hand delivery is fabulous. Thanks again."
Austin, Texas USA
Carol Candler
"Site very clear and easy to use. Hope the rest of your service is as good. I look forward to hearing from my Aunt about the contents of her gift. Thank you!"
Newcastle, England
Maryann Oliphant
"Your site is very easy to use, your service is excellent. I have been very pleased with the quality and presentation of gift packages I have sent. Thanks very much!"
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P. Pastushok
"I enjoyed looking through your wonderful selections of baskets, and easy to navigate web site. My Mother LOVED her "Red Hat" gift basket!!!"<br/><br/>"Have used this site before and found it easy to navigate and place order...product was thoroughly enjoyed by recipient." [Ed. Note: This comment left after placing another order!]
Charlotte, North Carolina
Natalie Field
"Great selection! I had to find a gift for a picky person and this site had so many choices it was hard to narrow it down. Site was easy to use."
Brampton, Ontario
Lorri (the doting Great-Aunt)
"I think Victor's precise words were, 'Goo goo, Gahhh!' uncommonly eloquent for someone just a couple of weeks old. His parents, on the other hand, were quite effusive in expressing their appreciation for the basket. I heard, from my sister, who is the grandma, that Victor's Mom (her daughter) swooned over the slippers and his Dad (another Victor) adores the wrist rattle. All kidding aside, Richard, your firm and FedEx both did standup jobs and we are all very happy. Try Baby Vic again in a few years, for a direct quote."
Montreal, Quebec
Cedric Thomas
"Always a good experience!" [2nd email] "She said the Gift basket was soooo amazing and it caused a big scene at work and that she loved the basket and thought I was the best boyfriend she ever had!"
Atlanta, Georgia
Heather Searl
"Your site was simple, fast and you had a good selection of baskets. Thanks!"
Patricia MacMillan
"Maxime (six days old!!!) was not as tickled pink as his mom! Mom was absolutely enamored with the gift. It was original and full of surprises. She just loved it! Thank you for such an original gift!"
Georgia USA
John Adkins
"Excellent service!!"
St. Austell, United Kingdom
Anne Carruthers
"Very straightforward and easy to follow. Would have been nice to have a way to easily print a receipt at this end. Thanks" [Editor's Note: Receipt is emailed in easily printable format - feedback sent to us before receiving email]
Jen Heinz
"I use you guys for all my gifts to my employees :)"
Denver, Colorado
Norman Shoemaker
"Easy to navigate. Quick processing of my order. Would use your company again."
Delta, British Columbia
Cynthia Chaplin
"Just wanted to let you know the gift baskets you sent to Renee and Jeff and Roger and Bernice were just beautiful and arrived on time as well as in excellent condition. We will definitely use your company again when we need to send a basket in the Toronto area. Thank you!"
Stamford, Connecticut
Ladan Bashiri
"Laurie, I wanted to thank you and James for delivering excellent customer service. I will be recommending you to my clients."
Montreal, Quebec
Ashley Varcoe
"Michael loved the gift. He said he had never seen anything like it before. There were no problems with it at all."
Orillia Ontario
Pamela Thomas
"Valerie received her basket on time and seemed very pleased with it; said it was too pretty to open---she was going to enjoy looking at it for awhile. Thank-you."
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Kara Ritthaler
"Meg and Dave did indeed get the gift and they both loved it. I have to say, being here in Texas, it makes gift giving/saying thanks a bit difficult (with all the miles in between). It's nice to know that we have somewhere (Grenville Station) to go now when we need to send something. I'll definitely be sure to use you guys again! "
Round Rock, Texas
Michele Saran
"The basket was received on time and it was well-received. My friend was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the golf items (glove, tees, balls etc) and emailed to rave about each new treat he ate."
Chicago, Illinois
Dina Bogecho
"The gift basket was received on time, and Isabella and her parents were delighted with it!"
Somerville, Massachusetts
Ashlee and Albert
"Carine and her husband were both thrilled with the basket - they said it was so pretty that they didn't even want to open it and spoil the wrapping. We were delighted with your service - from the ease of ordering to the speed of delivery (and of course the products themselves). We are in Egypt and couldn't pick something for the new baby in person and we are so pleased that they loved the gift we selected from your site. Many thanks and best wishes!"
Alexandria, Egypt
Angela Blanchard
"I love the site and the baskets look so wonderful! I wish someone would send one to me! [2nd email] I was very happy with my Gift Basket order. I was impressed with how quickly it was delivered to my friends. This is what Carol Anne had to say: '...thank you SO MUCH for the awesome basket!!!!!! What a great present! We love it!! The chocolate nachos are SOOO GOOOOOD. We haven't tried the coffee yet...saving that for special occations! Anyway, thank you so much, you guys are too nice.' So I think they were very happy. That makes two out of two wonderful reviews I've had from using your services. Thank you so much! I will be ordering again from you in the future I'm sure!"
Kingston, Ontario
Barbara Self
"Someone had enough imagination to realize that the standard form might not fit a customer ordering from another country and found a solution -- well done."
Sutton, Ely, United Kingdom
Deborah McCartney
"Very user friendly site and would use it again!"
Vivian Devletian-Ibishian
"We finally had the chance to visit my brother and his family this past week. They loved the gift basket. He had taken pictures of the basket and it was very nicely presented! P.S. Thank you for such wonderful customer service!"
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Mrs. J. Lynn Schranz
"Since I am from Canada but live in London, U.K. I love your service for family in Canada. They always love what you send, Thanks for such a great service that I can count on."
London, United Kingdom
Dorothy L. Brooks
"I've always had good experiences and most of all, my family in Canada have enjoyed the goodies. [2nd email] My son and his family live in Montreal (Verdun, to be exact) and I live in Garland, Texas. I have sent several things there for anniversaries, birthdays or Christmas. I have never been disappointed, and more importantly my family has been pleased. My son, Uzo Okeke, plays for Montreal and his happiness and the joy of my daughter in law, Tracey, and grandchildren mean a lot to me. So, thank you for your company that I often call upon to say, 'I love you' to my family who live way up north."
Garland, Texas
Sonia Kim
"Andrea loved the gift and it was delivered within 2 business days. Thank you very much for the great service!"
Allston, Massachusetts
Vanessa Williams
"Vivian was absolutely thrilled with the gift basket. It arrived in great shape, FedEx was on schedule. Nothing makes a Jewish grandmother happier than a Kosher gift basket. I will be using your service again in the future I am sure."
Calgary, Alberta
Robert Carson
"Very efficient process --I enjoyed shopping at Grenville Station!"
Ottawa, Ontario
Mike Pawsey
"The gift basket for Brooke arrived and was well-received. Her proud parents were particularly pleased with the little outfits. The gift basket was delivered in a timely manner and there were no problems whatsoever - an overall pleasant experience."
Ottawa, Ontario
Sonya Shannon
"I just love Grenville Station! I moved far away from my family and whenever I send gift baskets, I feel like I've sent something right from the heart. My folks are impressed with the quality of the snacks and my Mom collects and re-uses all the pretty baskets and containers. I always find just what I am looking for and especially like the imaginative containers and their contents. Thank you Grenville Station! You are the BEST."
Yolana Zelenczuk
"Keri did receive the package and said it was gorgeous.... Thank you!"
Toronto, Ontario
Diane Brito
"Everything turned out great. They really like the gift and it was delivered timely."
Peoria, Arizona
Hope Timmons
"I have spoken to Yvonne and Rod and their gift arrived in perfect condition. They were very happy with it and thought it was beautiful! Thanks for everything!"
Barrie, Ontario
"I wanted to use a Canadian company to send a gift basket quickly to my Canadian friend. I received not only a confirmation and a very nice telephone call from your company but also an e-mail from my delighted friend about the gift waiting for her! I would certainly use your service again. It was quick, efficient and the products were unique, elegant and seemed high quality. Thank you!"
South Florida
Michelle Porter
"Wow, you guys are awesome! A rush order sent in at 5pm and you got a gorgeous birthday basket there the next day. Super customer service!! When our best friend ended up being back East for her birthday, you guys really saved our butts!! Thank you! "
Victoria, British Columbia
Marie Savostianik
"I must say, first off, that Grenville Station's ordering process completely removes any fear of ordering on-line. I was so impressed when I received a phone call the next day to confirm my order - it added a personal touch to what is typically a non-personal experience. I also liked that I was given the opportunity to comment about the on-line ordering experience immediately following placing my order. The gift basket arrived on time and I was told it was beautiful - with an excellent selection of products, elegantly packaged."
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Loretta Masaro
"The gift basket was very lovely according to my mother. She has really enjoyed eating the food and thought it was displayed beautifully. Thanks again for your great customer service as well."
Kanata, Ontario
Lara Gibb
"We received a gift basket from your company. We very much enjoyed our basket and were surprised to receive such a 'deluxe' basket, way out here. We moved from a large city to a small rural area and it was nice to know that we were still thought of and able to 'stay in touch' with friends and the rest of the world, way out here. The gift basket really helped during an emotional move so far from where I was living."
Lethbridge, Alberta
Steve Engelbert
"You have a very nice and user friendly website. On a whole it was a very easy and smooth transaction."
Cincinnati, Ohio
Sandra W.
"We use your site all of the time to send presents to our grandson in Toronto. You have always been prompt and he is always pleased!"
Santa Fe, New Mexico
"We received a gift basket in August from your company for our new baby and we were so thrilled with the quality of the items in it that we bought two gift baskets for friends yesterday. I'll be sure to use your company again in the future."
Lisa A.
"I love your baskets and your website with your clear pictures and wide variety. Keep up the good work!"
Cambridge, ON
Patricia MacMillan
"as usual lots of choice and an easy website to use."
Flowery Branch, GA
Geraldine Grove
"Easy to navigate, have used you before and my Aunt was happy with the gift and it was delivered on time."
"Nice to have a great store in Canada to ship from!"
Los Angeles, CA
Velvet Martin
"GRENVILLE STATION has proven to be a trusted and honorable company that I prefer to use above all others for sharing quality, great-looking gifts with family and friends."
St. Albert, Alberta
Deb W.
"Easy to find a wide variety of products and ordering process very straight forward."
London, ON
A. Marchetti
"Nice website which is easy to navigate and order gift baskets."
Seattle, Washignton
Norm Kong
"Excellent selection of gift baskets and fantastic customer service! Makes sending gifts to family and friends a breeze!"
Tokyo, Japan
B J Self
"The site is admirably easy to use. I stumbled once, when the machine didn't seem to like the word 'Cambridgeshire' -- I didn't realize that I had to select 'Other' before typing it in -- but then, I'm a computer ignoramus! I can't imagine anyone sensible having any difficulties."
Ely, UK
P. Bartel
"Love love love this company!! I've used it for a year now for birthdays and christmas and have never had a problem. Thanks!"
British Columbia
Fortunee Taieb
"As usual, really enjoy ordering gifts on you site. Easy access and rapid transactions. Keep up the great work. Best Wishes for the Holidays to all members of your company."
Laval, Quebec
Leslie Blot
"I really appreciate the notification emails that items are selling out. I'm not always looking to buy, but when I am, I appreciate being kept in the loop about special offers and reminded of deadlines."
Richmond Hill, ON
Kim Shipley
"Thank you. Your site was easy to navigate and there are lots to choose from...you made a couple of Christmas presents easier for me!"
Chilliwack, BC
Mara Pagotto
"Site was easy to navigate. I have a number of friends and family in Canada that I use this site for and have always been happy with the products?"
New York, NY
Janice Friedman
"This was surprisingly easy to order a gift for one of our Canadian clients from the U.S. Thanks for taking the mystery out of how to do this internationally!"
Wichita, KS
Rosy Lamb
"I can always count on Grenville Station. The service is excellent and fast shipping. Excellent products! I ordered from them many of times. Never had trouble."
Sudbury, Ontario Canada
"I found your site very easy to navigate from browse to pay now. Smooth transaction!"
Goleta, CA
Laurie Burney
"Very secure site---i appreciate this"
Brampton, ON
John or Nancy Rudloff
"Was easy to navigate through, and wonderful to be able to ship to a different country, without problems Thank you!"
Salome AZ USA
Sibbelina Mullis
"Just as great as all the other times I've ordered from Grenville Station. Thanks again!"
Barrington, IL
Stephanie MacSporran
"The gift was perfect and was delivered with ease.  I will definitely use your service in the future."
St. Catherines, ON
Barna Szabo
"Nicely designed website."
Chesterfield, Missouri
Nuria Defoe
"Granny loved the basket and had a lot of wonderful things to say about it! Thanks for the great service!"
Mississauga, Ontario
Kent Chapman
"Thank you for the email and subsequent ones.  Your customer service has been excellent and will continue to use your service.  The presentation of the gift to the delivery was excellent, along with the thank you card...I can see you are making great strides in earning business. Congratulations!"
Calgary, Alberta
Correne Scheepers
"Nice site - easy to navigate and place an order."
Leyah Cynamon
"Very simple and lovely gifts."
Toronto, Ontario
A. and R. Leimgardt
"Thanks so much for your excellent + customer service this morning, and again now with this e-mail. In today's e-commerce, it is still that "Human Touch" that sets companies like yours apart from others."
Delray Beach, Florida
Filomena Picciano
"I thought that the site was very user friendly. The photos are beautiful. This is the first time I shop here so I hope the gift is beautiful so I may continue to shop here."
Montreal, Quebec
Judith Irving
"I have ordered a number of times and the site is very easy to navigate. The products are excellent!!"
Belleville, Ontario
Louise Aubut
"Your site was very easy for me to use. Beautiful choices at different prices! Thank you!"
Orleans, Ontario
Jennifer Norton-Howe
"I have also heard from my mom, brother and nana who all received their gift baskets and flowers over the past 2 days. They are all thrilled! They told me the presentation was fabulous and items inside were perfect. Thanks again. Please keep up the great work!!!!"
Guelph, Ontario
Suzanne Hodgkiss
"Dagmar received the gift basket thank you very much. Here is what she said to me at the time: 'Your gift was waiting for me when I got home. They always look so pretty, it's a shame to open them to start pigging out. Thank you so much. Dagmar'. I have used your company several times and living in the UK it's not always easy to know how good the quality is when you don't get to see the baskets yourself. However Dagmar (and her husband) have always enjoyed what I've sent them and the service has always very good and delivery very quick (I understand that Canadian post can be a little slow!). Thank you for offering a wonderful service."
Bedford, UK
Sibbelina Mullis
"I just wanted you to know that it's real pleasure doing business with Grenville Station. Your customer service is fantastic!!! Your baskets are of great quality, and I always hear very positive comments from my recipients. Thanks - it's really good to know where my order stands and that it will get to the person intended."
Barrington, IL
"I enjoyed receiving a gift basket so much, I decided to send one as a gift."
Barrie, Ontario
Erdal Ali
"Easy site to navigate through. I will shop here again."
Toronto, Ontario
Cheryl Hebert
"great stock, easy to navigate site, great prices and it is just fantastic to see that it is Canadian"
Victoria, British Columbia
Brian Noakes
"Service was quick and efficient, and I would certainly use it again. Thanks"
Toronto, Ontario